Prime Medical Billing Company

Most BC practitioners are leaving money on the table — and you’re likely one of them.

It's time to stop pulling your hair out navigating the MSP Payment Schedule

Prime MBC is your resource and guide to getting paid the money you deserve.

Stop Getting Underpaid

We guide you through the frustrating bureaucracy.

Save your valuable time

Navigating the MSP Payment schedule is a nightmare. We know it inside out.

Manage Refusals & Rejections

It’s not too late to get paid for your rejected submissions.

Meet Jennifer Lavoie

MSP Payment Schedule Expert

“I appreciate the unknown aspects of the MSP payment schedule and the lack of clarity. I know how horrendous it is trying to navigate these documents. When I first started out, I would call MSP for help 3 times and get 3 different answers. This led to frustration and felt like a feedback loop of getting nowhere. I created this website to act as a resource for health practitioners, and to work 1 on 1 with you to get you the most money for your hard work.”

You're 5 Easy Steps from Less Stress and More Income

Book An Appointment

Discuss Your Pain Points

Together, We Determine the Pitfalls

Get Invaluable Tips and Hints

Register Your Applications

You're On Your Way to Maximum Billing Potential

For Medical Practitioners, Our Service Pays for Itself

The money we charge is dwarfed by the money you'll get back with our work.

It’s time to stop spending endless hours sifting through confusing MSP documents and start spending more time on work that matters. With Prime MBC, you will be more efficient, more confident that you’re getting the money you rightfully earned, and put at ease knowing you’re doing things the right way. You have questions. You have rejections and refusals waiting to be turned into money. We have the answers. Now, start asking!

Don't Let the MSP Payment Schedule Win

Stop losing money to convoluted bureaucracy!

Allow us to help ease your frustration in processing forms that, while they seem easy, can often cause you to lose money and delay claims. Your time is valuable so let us help navigate the difficulties of MSP to be fully remunerated for the work you have done.

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