Tips and Hints for MSP Fee Code 00081

00081 – Billable for active hands on Life Saving Management only.    MSP rate $105.79 per 30mins


  • managing patients family
  • discussion with other health care professions
  • arranging transfers.
  • Call out or continuing care n/a with critical care fee codes.

E-NOTE – must be concise and helpful if under 20 characters, for electronic ease of payment

Must Indicate – what was the urgent issue and what action was performed.

Examples –   keep note short – “CPR”

  • ACLS protocols, 
  • bagged
  • Cardioversion
  • catheter insertion
  • central line insertion
  • CRP
  • Infusion
  • Intubated
  • Iv meds
  • O2
  • transfusion
  • ventilated

Reason for rejections: Billable in 30 min blocks and you must state what hands on life saving action occurred per each 30 min block.  Billable with a visit/consult but the visit is considered the first 30mins, the 0081 is billable after that time period.

Billing more than one unit of 00081/82/83/84.  You must indicate in the e-note what was done per each 30min block, or it will be refused by MSP as they will require more details.

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