Tips and Hints for MSP Fee Code 00083

00083 – Crisis intervention   MSP rate $105.80 per 30mins

Billable:  Applies to situation when a physician is called to provide continuous medical assistance at the exclusion of other services in periods of personal or family crisis.  

Fee Code: It is diagnostic code specific and applies in the following only and must be entered in the e-note.

  1. Rape – Assault  DX: 10A
  2. Sudden Bereavement DX: V790 – billed to survivor
  3. Suicidal Behavior  DX: 30920
  4. Acute psychosis, DX: 293 – or any of the 239-311 codes would suffice

Rule:  not a stand along item must be billed with a visit, timing of the visit must preceed the 00083

  • Visit or counselling – is considered first ½ hour of care
  • Consult/CPS – is considered the first 1 hour of care
  • **Continuing care is payable with this fee code

Example: Pt is assaulted distraught, time spend 1400-1600

13200 – enter times 1400-1430.

00083 – enter times 1430-1600, e-note: “1430-1600 – assaulted/alleged” 

00084 – Accompanying patients to a distant hospital where medically required. Per ½ hour.  Must indicate what has happened per each 30min block or a unit will most likely refuse.

MSP rate $222.37 per 30mins

**Continuing care is payable with this fee code

Most common rejection:   Not enough information has been detailed in the e-note to indicate medical necessity.

Example of a successful e-note paid 7 units.   “2100-2130 Transfer in ambulance, MD must accompany due to asystole in ER and unavailability of ACLS or helicopter crew.  Cardiorespiratory system monitored. Blood pressure and pulse monitoring set up.  Airway monitoring, drawuing up rescucitionation meds. 2130-2200 continued patient monitoring in transit. Ongoing BP and heart rate monitoring. 2300-2330 continued monitoring. No need for intervention or change”

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