Service Locations Effective April 21, 2021. Replaces Service Location A for office.

NEW!!  – Service Locations Effective April 21, 2021.   Replaces Service Location A for office.

The new location codes will be:

(B) Community Health Centre

(J) First Nations Primary Health Care Clinic

(K) Hybrid Primary Care Practice (part-time longitudinal practice, part-time walk-in clinic)

(L) Longitudinal Primary Care Practice (e.g. GP family practice or PCN clinic)

(N) Health Care Practitioner Office (non-physician)

(Q) Specialist Physician Office 

(U) Urgent and Primary Care Centre

(V) Virtual Care Clinic

(W) Walk-In Clinic

The change will be phased in over a six-month period, ending September 30, 2021. Practitioners using Service Location Code A are encouraged to use the new codes starting April 1, 2021; however, it will continue to be valid from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. Claims submitted with Service Location Code A for services provided after September 30, 2021 will be refused.

Practitioners should consult with their Teleplan vendors to ensure that required changes to the Service Location Code field are completed on time and in accordance with updated Teleplan specifications. 

Vendors who have hard-coded Service Location Code A (Practitioner’s Office) for the Service Location Code must complete one of the following changes:

  • expand the options choices to include the new codes; 
  • program in the new code applicable to the relevant practice; or
  • leave the location field blank, allowing practitioners to enter the code that applies to them.
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